Inland Empire Components helps electronic manufacturers avoid expensive circuit board redesigns and frustrating buying scenarios by offering a safe
way to purchase electronic component parts and finished goods including obsolete, allocated and commonly available material. Supply chain interruptions due to extended lead times, missed forecasting estimates, obsolescence and legacy project support can wreak havoc on the bottom line. We’ve cultivated a world wide network of vetted suppliers to get parts delivered in a pinch.

Typically, we help our clients free up to 10 hours + per week on time spent researching hard-to-find parts which can be refocused on stronger purchasing strategies. Our clients include Fortune 500 electronic manufacturers as well as small and medium contract electronic manufacturers.

Since 1989,  Inland Empire Components has provided exceptional supply chain solutions including market intelligence and shortened lead times.

What Sets Inland Empire Components Apart From Other Distributors?

  • Experienced trained team members who listen, take action and follow up with consistent communication.
  • Extensive background in sourcing and purchasing solutions extending back to 1989.
  • Saved our customers over $200 million in circuit board redesigns.
  • Supply chain protection procedures intact with in-house inspection, monitoring and measuring to provide quality materials to manufacturers specifications.
  • ISO9001 & AS9120 Certified with 100% customer satisfaction rating for on time delivery, customer service and quality products.
  • Testing of electronic components to clients standards with test report (third party.)
  • Known, liked and trusted by over 7,000 electronic manufacturers including OEMs, CMs, ODMs and distributors.

Our History

Founded in 1989, Inland Empire Components, Inc. grew from a two-person operation in a small, 250 sf office to over 4,000 sf providing services to an international client base.

Inland Empire Components is proud to be an independent distributor of quality electronic products and services. We’ve built a solid reputation of credibility and service with buyers and engineers from OEMs, EMS, and ODM service providers.

Inland Empire Components provides engineers and purchasing agents with solutions to obsolete and diminishing supplies of electronic components. Our long term relationships with our original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers and distributor customers means we will continue to add value to the electronic manufacturer and supplier by providing authentic material. The nature of our company enables our sales staff to respond quickly to critical component needs. We specialize in hard-to-find, long lead-time, and highly-allocated electronic components as well as commonly available parts.

We recognize that time is money. Our team works with market research and business intelligence information designed to help our customers partners make more informed business decisions.

Our Vision

Inland Empire Components has a passion to get it right. We align ourselves with others that share that passion whenever we have the opportunity. This dedication extends throughout the organization and is demonstrated by our stringent quality control, timely delivery, communication, and commitment to continuous improvement.

Mission Statement

Inland Empire Components has a philosophy that there are different facets of a company that need to work together in harmony. Therefore, our mission consists of three interrelated parts:

People Mission. To always serve our customers first by listening to their needs and only promising what we can deliver. We say what we do and we do what we say.

Passion Mission. Quality is important and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations every time by continually improving our level of expertise.

Parts Mission. To always provide the parts our customers need in a timely manner, for the best price possible.

Core Values

INTEGRITY: We uphold the highest standard of conduct in dealing with our co-workers, our clients, and our communities, always acting in our highest sense of what is right.

DIGNITY and RESPECT: Everyone. Always.

RESPONSIBILITY: We believe each person, given the opportunity, wants to do the right thing. This value is demonstrated by each individual accepting responsibility and being accountable for the goals and objectives of the organization, the level of satisfaction with our external customers and vendors, and our internal interaction with each other. (Fellow employees and management.)

COMMUNICATION: We listen, and work toward the clear exchange of information, both written and verbal.

HUMOR: We believe that laughter brings us closer together; we should have fun while being productive.


Knowing she wanted to have her own business from her earliest memory, Dana Jiron started Inland Empire Components with her own money in 1989. While raising children and continuing her “street smarts” education, Dana’s passion for research, investigation and “treasure hunting” has helped her customers save millions of dollar in circuit board redesigns. Dana’s background includes teaching others the skills of entrepreneurship as well as solving problems that require innovative solutions.

You can connect with Dana Jiron on LinkedIn here:

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