To ensure quality in every aspect of our business, Inland Empire Components has created the Authenticity-Assured Program. The company, executive team, and staff participate in ongoing training designed to deliver authentic products. “Our core competency is to provide electronic buyers with quality authentic components that are on allocation or have become obsolete. Counterfeit and substandard parts have presented challenges to suppliers that provide legacy support services. We’ve made a commitment to be the barrier that shields our customers from substandard product. Our counterfeit avoidance inspection program is another layer of added protection demonstrating our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Inland Empire Components is committed to working with buyers and engineers to avoid the rare but problematic issue of substandard parts from the independent distributor supply chain. When purchasing obsolete or diminished supply parts we encourage all customers to discuss the pedigree of the part and we strongly recommend testing the part for reliability and functionality. Inland Empire Components is a solution provider and works closely with customers to provide quality difficult to locate electronic component parts. We work with third party test houses to provide our customers the screening they need.

We do not just “sell or distribute parts”. Inland Empire Components provides the service of assisting engineers and purchasing agents a solution to supply interruptions. We develop a dialog with our customers and together we evaluate the best solution to meet your needs. We are NOT perfect and we have made mistakes. What sets Inland Empire Components apart from every other distributor is our willingness to “get it right, not be right”.

We acknowledge the cost savings can be significant when the proper part is procured avoiding a circuit board redesign. Purchasing electronic component parts from the independent distributor market place is a strategic business decision. Electronic manufacturers and distributors come to Inland Empire Components for numerous reasons including an inability to find the part from the regular supplier.

As an independent distributor, we are continuing to raise the bar on quality control at every level. The Authenticity-Assured Program insures that the parts you purchase from Inland Empire Components goes through a stringent, multi-step visual inspection process before we ship to you. We invite you to schedule a tour of our facility and warehouse to see how we protect your parts in action.

At Inland Empire Components, we want our customers to get the best service, price, product and delivery from us every time they place an order.