XC24C44PI In Stock Ready To Ship

Today we are highlighting one of more popular obsolete parts that we have in stock ready to ship to you today.

The XC24C44PI is a hot selling Serial Nonvolatile Static RAM.

The XC24C44PI Nonvolatile RAM enables fast read and write access to any address and retains data when power is disrupted.

The Xicor “XC24C44PI” Nonvolatile RAM is used in all types of applications including medical devices, metering, industrial automation and automotive electronics. These parts are obsolete but still widely used by original equipment and contract electronic manufacturers.

Inland Empire Components, Inc. still has a significant quantity in stock of the Xicor XC24C44PI product and can deliver them to you usually within 24 – 48 hours.

Contact sales@tomg115.sg-host.com or call Dana at 951-245-6555 for a quote on the Xicor X24C44PI parts.


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